Sri Sri Yoga Foundation Program Online

Always wanted to try yoga…

Our live online at-home workshop integrates mind and body—so you get the whole package!

We’re living in extraordinary times, life looks different for everyone, and now more than ever we need flexible tools to live well, manage uncertainty, and stay healthy. Our live online at-home workshop integrates mind and body—so you get the whole package! With a take-away practice that can be easily added to your daily routine.

Fees: Regular: $75, Repeater: $50

Sri Sri Yoga is a holistic system for energizing and integrating the mind, body, and spirit.  This online 4-day workshop offers a beautiful blend of yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditations, and yogic knowledge.

Sri Sri Yoga Foundation Program includes:

  • 2 hours daily live sessions
  • Authentic Yoga
  • Expert instructor
  • Demos with Q&A
  • Interactive sessions
  • Take away your own yoga sequence
  • Small group size

This course is ideal for all levels of yoga enthusiasts from beginners being introduced to yoga for the first time to advanced practitioners. 

We would love it if you could share it with friends and family!

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